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Reality and thoughts
With so much going on, on a worldly scale, personal scale, neighbourly scale, almost any scale one can comprehend, one might wonder just what reality is. Whether it's not the dreams that are real or when we are awake. Eventually it's the wondering that causes the brain to doubt, and doubt causes confusion which in turn can cause confusion over further subjects.
It is then that the line between reality and fantasy blurs. When things start meaning or mattering less as you doubt them, or if you try to hold up everything at once and get crushed below it. When dreams seem to predict what is to come or you constantly feel like things are repeating themselves, more than just habits, but actual events.
The question would be what to do. Do you try to cross to one side, do you try to stick to the old, do you stay pondering, do you think it's best not to mind it, whilst still paying heed, or may it be that you wish to follow everything?
Despite that the mind is a powerful thing it can only
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Anniversary gift by AnthroTsuneon Anniversary gift :iconanthrotsuneon:AnthroTsuneon 0 2
The Mask
The Mask
s I walk into the masked ball,
People turn and look at me in awe,
They all wear masks, and not just one,
But I wear the true mask on my face,
it being my face that only says one phrase...
Everything's completely fine.
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A new story
Concept Story
2012 21st December, first public contact with extra terrestrial life. At first panic arose, but after years of politics a peace agreement rose. There were no official war casualties except for panicking citizens, some of which who attacked the extraterrestrials at first contact in their city, it became too much of them and of them went crazy.
2013, during the year, a few 'problems' got picked out by the ET's, eastern medicine proved to be more effective, but when combined with western, could heal a lot of diseases that they never managed to heal before. Spirituality has grown bigger but multiple major religions crumbled into mere fragments of what they were upon seeing the extraterrestrials.
2014 28th October, with the public exposure with ET's having calmed down the governments decided to release classified information and 'hybrid projects', allowing anthropomorphic creatures and mutants to be integrated into society. A new age of racism dawned which could only be
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I did it again by AnthroTsuneon I did it again :iconanthrotsuneon:AnthroTsuneon 0 0
ou're the yin to my yang, the light that brightens my darkness and shows me the way.
The sun that lightens the inhabitants in my space, making me smile like a pauper man's first big pay.
You are my star of hope, that shines the brightest up in the sky.
You give me lust, for knowledge, to thrive in life and attempt to succeed.
You give me trust, in the knowledge that there is warmth to be found in this chunk of rock.
With you in mind I cannot die, willingly or unwilling, as you are the support to the world that is my life, you're what keeps it up or down, and either way I would not mind as I know it's because of you.
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Coat of Arms by AnthroTsuneon Coat of Arms :iconanthrotsuneon:AnthroTsuneon 0 1
Storming soul
Stormende Ziel
he sky was gray, the winds were blowing and flashes flew through the air as there was a strong storm above the oceans,  with strong waves crashing against the hull of the Caravel carrying Hans. The crew was still busy pulling up the sails,  some panicking as crackling sound could be heard. The oil lanterns of the ship kept burning, showing the members of the crew their path. Hans walked to the upper deck, inhaling the scent of the sea air mixed with the scent of rain, feeling the strong winds as he stood steadvast in his blue vest with a white blouse, and blue pants held up by a red band which had a sheathed sword hanging from it. The wolf could not help but chuckle, looking up at the sky almost with bliss. Some crewmembers got a bit scared, as it almost sounded like two voices were laughing, yet others were inspired by his lack of fear for nature's powers. The canine grinned and looked at the crewmembers for a moment, shouting through
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A Vent For The Mind
When monuments will fall,
When humanity will be forced away,
Or wiped out,
I will stand there,
laughing and grinning.
Losing my mind would be bliss,
Because what is insanity?
What is reality?
What you observe, from scent, sight, sound,
Is reality to you.
Someone else's reality,
Is called insanity.
As ignorance is an unknowing bliss,
Curiosity is a strong lust,
Knowledge is often a torture,
Patience is an often disrespected value,
Expectancy is a subconscious norm.
Points of view differs,
And so sometimes does reality,
My reality is mixed,
Chaos is in the one who is me.
But I am not in panic,
I do not distress,
I simply watch and wait,
In the silence of my college class.
I see the beauty in chaos,
Which not all have to,
I also see the horror,
Of not knowing what's next.
Now this poem will end,
With a full mind,
Chaos is harming me,
Because I know what's inside.
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New Soda Can by AnthroTsuneon New Soda Can :iconanthrotsuneon:AnthroTsuneon 2 3
The Dark Revisited
The Darkness has turned on me,
I am blind, I cannot see...
My mind is clouded and I'm going insane..
This is a truth I do not wish to claim...
But sadly enough there it is...
And for it I did not wish...
I tripped and closed the door,
and heard voices slowly fade...
Of the good old time, ignorance or bliss, I want more...
Get away from this mess of myself that I made...
Each turn I make I fail...
I keep falling...
My mind is going loud and insane..
and it wants to kill..
But I'm a soft guy..
I cannot do it...
I growl and shout into the air why...
Yet in silence I wait and sit...
I dream of those times...
I try to show it in my rhymes...
Though they keep feeling like whines...
I do not want to live in these times...
The darkness has turned on me,
I still can not see,
but the darkness is not the problem, nor the allure,
it's the silence I cannot endure..
Each night before I sleep,
I see horrid things in my mind of which I shall not speak..
I don't want this...
It's the olden days I miss.
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A poet's nightmare
Just like other people, poets have normal nightmares,
including one that's sometimes stronger with poets that with other people.
One that many scientists might have as well.
The fear of being suppressed, not allowed to share their view.
No theories, no visions, nothing to say.
No freedom of expression.
Not allowed to speak, not allowed to write,
not allowed to dance, maybe even fight.
Each has their own way, some people are poets without even realizing it.
You may notice it, or may not, but there will always be some oppression.
It would be best to keep it in balance, just like light and dark, it is sometimes needed.
Just like a poet sometimes needs to be quiet.
That is where you can often diverse an experienced poet from someone new.
They know when to speak and when not to.
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Google Meme randomness by AnthroTsuneon Google Meme randomness :iconanthrotsuneon:AnthroTsuneon 0 2
Life between deaths
When surrounded by death, a battlefield,
When everything seems to get killed,
Even flowers can still blossom, or survive.
Be it the regular flora, or the flower of Love,
Even under the toughest conditions, there Will be Life,
and some things Will Blossom into something Beautiful.
:iconanthrotsuneon:AnthroTsuneon 2 29
They Will Come
They will come, they will come,
The people between Life and Death.
They will come, they will come,
as has been said.
The magic number has appeared,
the messengers will come, as might have been feared.
This is no warning, just a heads up,
as it will happen, and it can't be stopped.
To those who recognize, answer below.
Please tell me all that you know
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70's popart fail by AnthroTsuneon 70's popart fail :iconanthrotsuneon:AnthroTsuneon 1 11
random drawings here (mostly),made when bored, it's just 1 line,i make it a game,letting other people try to find the beginning and the end,too bad scanner doesn't always work. if you can't see the lines,play with the brightness of your computer. I started on a story recently,and i know,i'm crap at it xD

the 1034 Main story,world and hidden chapters are Tsuneon (Me),if something belongs to someone else i will mention it.

P.S. sorry if there are historical incorrectness', but then again, it's not quite the world of history we know.

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Ok, first of all, happy sinterklaas, the holiday I'm holding this raffle for xP

second of all, as I'm typing this, the site is loading, 4 entries to this journal, so minimal number's 1, max is 4, I tested it out a few days ago so it won't mean it skips 1 and 4.

And the winner is... Number 2

Arcanis_Solanum on FA

Congratulations, I'll send a note with the key~
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